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Here's my entry for GBJAM5, Magical Ninja Kimiko. A cute little SHMUP about a Magical Ninja on a flying leaf with both English and Japanese support, as well as remappable controls. It's not in a complete state because I set some pretty heavy goals for myself, the boss and enemies don't actually attack yet (not to mention all enemies are stationary and look like your character lol) but I feel good about the state it's in after only a week. This is my first game jam ever and because of that I'd consider this a personal success.

After this I'll be continuing development on it because I got too attached to this character during this week, and also because I let too many exciting ideas form in my head during this jam, so if you like this character and the idea behind this game, please keep an eye out for more Kimiko in the future!

Default Controls:

Movement - Arrow Keys

Shoot / Confirm - X

Jutsu / Cancel - Z

Start - Left-Ctrl

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and run. No installation needed.


MagiNinKimiko.zip 9 MB

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