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Very hard game. skip to 2:44

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Hahaha, right away you triggered my finish button I forgot to take out after testing the ending. Totally my bad, I'll be uploading a build without that soon :P

Thanks for playing, sorry you didn't find the attack button! (it's in the description on the game page but I should've put it in the game)

If you want to try again, I'm running this casual high score contest until November for a chance to be a unique enemy or friendly NPC in an update

Very cool retro style game.

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Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed it! I'll be updating the game after the jam to include more secret areas, fix graphical glitches and maybe add more levels etc.

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Thanks a lot! Watching someone else play actually helps reflect on what I should have done differently. I was originally going to have a second type of attack for close range, and was going to have actions with their corresponding button control on the HUD, but as I had to restrain my original scope I decided that with only one attack, I didn't need it. I don't think that was the right decision as I see you died a few times before figuring out how to throw the ribs.

So this is very helpful for me, thanks again!

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beauty retro game.