Charles' Mansion Highscore Contest (until end-of-day October 31)

Have you beaten the goons out of Charles' Mansion? How much of your money did you get back? Did you find the secret room?

Share a screenshot of your high score with us and whoever has the highest score and if you want, you can be added in as a cameo to a future extension of Charles' Mansion! Upcoming will be new weapons, new enemies, more secrets, and a longer,more exciting adventure to get back your cash from the bad guys!

Not to mention, ways to actually spend the cash to get an edge over these ruffians! What good is vast amounts of cash if you just take it straight to the grave?

Stand by for more from Charles' Mansion!

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oh, a challenge you say? I guess I'll be back

Good luck!

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Don't worry, I'm not counting myself in the ranking ;)